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Company announcement

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Veriloc Automation is pleased to inform we are expanding our hardware business with the activities from our sister company BETA technic ApS. BETA technic has in the past 20 years been a significant player in the Danish market in terms of distribution and marketing of components for automation. To ensure optimum added value to our common customers in the future, we have decided to jointly engage in a more strategic business model. This is a natural development to optimize an overall IOT company focused on combining hardware with the industrial Internet. In order to adapt to the future and the new business opportunities, we are convinced that this is the right thing to do and especially for our customers.

The change will come into effect. March 1, 2016.

The new name Veriloc formed by the words "Locos" which means place, and "Veritas" meaning truth. In other words Veriloc true or verifiable location / location. As the name indicates our new concept is to offer our customers not only identification but also a "location based" service via software "APP", driven by hardware. This combined with a larger organization does the following:

  • Faster response times to questions
  • Faster submission of offers
  • Faster support

The main part of the new strategy is, of course, our customers and partners see this as the right way to develop our cooperation further. Additionally, there will also be advantages in that we will be more people to support you, our customers.

With Veriloc's RFID solution you ensure that pipes and other components do not end up in the wrong place at the construction site - something that costs a lot of wasted time and money.

veriloc building

With Veriloc each tube or component will get a unique RFID number plate. When the heating pipes are being loaded at the factory, the system automatically checks that the correct pipes and components are included. At the construction site is the same check done by using a handheld RFID reader and a smartphone. At the same time the Veriloc RFID solution can always see the exact GPS location of pipes and components - even when they are embedded in the ground!


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Did you know?
  • We are supplier of equipment for companies such as MAERSK Drilling, Grundfos and HOFOR.
  • RFID technology has for many years been used in slaughterhouses and has brought large efficiency gains there.
  • Watch how Veriloc helps HOFOR: